Club Futur


Een visualisatie van een megatrend, macrotrend of een trend in materiaal, kleur en vorm. Op maat voor opdrachtgevers in mode en interieur.

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In a chaotic and confusing world we are in need of clarity, transparency and honesty. Where before everything had to be covered with a layer of decadence, now we appreciate the process of no-nonsense design and fair fashion.

Beeld: Rodrigo Acosta Arias, Aganovich, Roefs, Susanne Thiemann, Moritz Partenheimer.


Traditionally identified feminine qualities in both women and men are crucial to bringing the world back into balance. The position of women is an international subject of interest and womanhood is being celebrated. Women re-define their identities and find a new voice: one far-removed from

stereotypes and man-pleasing. The modern woman is visible, true to herself, supportive and powerfully (im)perfect.


Africa is among the world’s most rapidly growing economic regions. Africa’s long-term growth will create urbanization, an expanding labour force, and the rise of the middle-class African consumer. The African influence will be stronger than ever.

Beeld: Vlisco, Jeneil Williams for Vogue Germany, McKinsey & company, Habitat, Liesbeth Meijer.


Technology meets purity. To be healthy and pure we start experimenting with technological methods such as 3D printing and In Vitro meat. Food for health.

Beeld: SLA Amsterdam, Lesya Paramonova, Bloom Magazine


Big data, political turmoil and the constant flow of information has led to a strange period. It feels like we are at the threshold of a new world. A peaceful, innovative world or a place where we have no privacy and will be controlled by fear. In the meantime, to cope and prepare for what’s coming, we armour up and we create our own mirco cultures.