Club Futur

Phem is a design exploration from fashion designer and researcher Angella Mackey for fabrics that can be digitally animated. A way to explore what it means to wear and design garments with a digital layer, or, garments with a hybrid digital-physical existence.

Much like the way many of us live today–navigating between digital and physical experiences–she wanted to explore how this space could be used expressively for fashion. Can it be beautiful? Can it be feminine? Can it make us feel something? Can it make sense in everyday life scenarios?

This project is part of a larger design research initiative exploring dynamic and responsive materials at Philips Lighting Research and the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands from 2015-2019

Director: Angella Mackey, Art direction: Angella Mackey, Vera van het Hof @ Club Futur, Music: Julien Marchal (more info below), Model: Anne Forceville @ Tulip Models, Props and Location: Vera van het Hof @ Club Futur, Make-up and Hair: Wouter van Schaaijk @ Joyce Walian Agency